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Welcome to the Georgia FCCLA Online Affiliation! 

If you are affiliating an existing chapter, you will use your  existing NATIONAL CHAPTER ID NUMBER.   Your password will be gafccla. Please do not reset this!

 If you are starting a brand new chapter, please click the "New Chapter Request" button to request a new chapter.  Your New Chapter ID Number will be emailed to you within 3 - 7 days.

Member Dues:   $9.00 National Dues and $3.00 State Dues

Adviser Dues:  $9.00 National Dues and $3.00 State Dues     *Mandatory starting in 2011

Minimum Number:   12 members 

You may affiliate less, however, you will be charged the $108.00 ($9 X 12 members) for national dues the first time you affiliate.  Then you may go back in to the system to affiliate additional students at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(1)  How do I add names?  Click "View/Add Members"

(2)  Do I need a PO#?  You can leave it blank when it asks for it.  PO# is not required.

(3)  What does Secondary Adviser mean? You are automatically added as the PRIMARY ADVISER.  You do not use this unless there is more than one adviser at your school.  Nationals does not require you to pay the $12.00 dues for secondary advisers.  You have an option to pay for the secondary adviser or not.

(4)  I entered names but I don't see them?   The system logs out after 20 minutes.  You will need to reenter your names.

Any questions, please email Vickie Rundbaken at gafccla@gmail.com or call 678-735-0091.


After entered names, click "Back to Menu then click "Submit for Invoice" to print your invoice to submit payment.  YOU MAY PAY WITH SCHOOL CHECK, MONEY ORDER, CASHIERS CHECK OR CREDIT CARD.  Credit Card Authorization Forms are at www.gafccla.com .


Last day to affiliate on the national level will be May 31, 2014.

STAR Event Competitors MUST be affiliated by FEBRUARY 1, 2014. 

For  Honor Roll chapters needs to be affiliated by Nov. 1, 2013.


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If you have questions, please e-mail Vickie Rundbaken at gafccla@gmail.com
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