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Judge/Coordinator Registration

The Missouri Technology Student Association (MO-TSA) will hold its 40th Annual Missouri TSA State Championships Conference April 22 to April 24, 2018, at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Havener Center, 2nd Floor, Rolla, Missouri.

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is the only student organization devoted exclusively to the needs of students interested in technology and engineering. Open to students enrolled in or who have completed technology and engineering courses, TSAs membership across the nation includes over 150,000 middle and high school students in 2,000 schools spanning 48 states. TSA is supported by educators, parents and business leaders who believe in the need for a technologically literate society. Members learn through exciting competitive events, leadership opportunities and much more. The diversity of activities makes TSA a positive experience for every student. From engineers to business managers, our alumni credit TSA with a positive influence on their lives.

Judges Criteria

Volunteers do not have to be technology experts!  We can utilize individuals with different talents and skills. Judges will be given a rating form that describes the minimal criteria to evaluate and the number of possible points a contestant can receive.  For example, judging Prepared Presentation will be based on the following criteria:

Presentation introduction

10 pts

Knowledge of materials

15 pts


15 pts

Stage presence

10 pts

Voice /Language

10 pts

Audio / Visual Materials

10 pts


10 pts


10 pts

Time Commitment and Events

We have several types of events, static displays, active and competitive events where finalists must make a presentation. (Please review the event descriptions available at check in.)  Other events may require an interview or a finalist to report back the next day.  For example, Leadership Challenge requires the finalist to report back for an additional presentation.  We are aware that some individuals may only be able to judge one part of the event; please understand this is fine.  Although we cannot predict how long it will take to judge an event, we are asking that you be willing, if possible, to commit three hours of your time to this process. Please review the tentative event schedule below to plan your day.

Volunteers are desired for all categories. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Please complete the Judges Registration online form. You will be contacted to advise you of the scheduled time for judge's orientation, please review the tentative agenda of this conference.

For a brief description about each of our middle school and high school events go to

Thank you for supporting our students in their pursuit of excellence!

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If you have questions about registration, please call Jessica Brumley at (573) 522-6001 or by e-mail at

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