Please print these directions before you begin your online affiliation.

Welcome to the national TSA membership affiliation system for the 2018-2019 school year.  The directions below will guide you through the affiliation process.

Each registered chapter advisor will receive online access to TOTAL TSA, which contains competitive event criteria, leadership lessons and membership materials, once a purchase order or payment is received.  Hard copies of invoices will not be mailed unless your purchase order specifies a separate billing address.  The e-mail confirmation you receive is your invoice.  Please give a copy to your accounts payable department.

1. Go to and click on Manage My TSA.

     Click on the Chapter Advisors button.

2. For returning advisors, input username and password to login.  New schools and advisors without logins please  select Click Here to request a login.

3. Input or review your school and membership information. You will be required to create a TOTAL TSA password for each affiliated advisor.  Click on submit once all information has been entered.

4.  Please verify your advisor information and then hit submit.

5.  A TEAMS informational screen will be displayed.  You may sign up for TEAMS and it will be added to your affiliation invoice or you may select the third button and to continue with affiliation. 

6. The Chapter Information Review will be displayed.  You may edit you chapter information, input your roster and add advisors.

Note: Once you submit a student's name, they are a member of TSA and MAY NOT BE REMOVED OR REPLACED BY ANOTHER STUDENT during the membership year.  Do not enter a student’s name on your roster unless you are certain they will be an active TSA member.  Please complete your rosters before your first regional competition. Spelling corrections may be sent to

Blue CAP membership: click on Input Roster and you will have the option to download and import a roster template or you may type in student names directly into the system.

Red CAP or White CAP: click on Input Roster and type in the student names.  Hit Save after each student is entered.

7.  Once you have completed the Chapter Information Review screen please select View Invoice and Payment Screen.

8.  After reviewing your invoice, if you need to make changes click on the Return to Chapter Information button directly under the “Bill To” information.

9. Once you have verified that your invoice is correct, select payment by purchase order or credit card.  Once you hit submit your existing chapter information cannot be changed. Please fax  (703)758-4852 your purchase order within three business days.

10. A confirmation/invoice will be sent to your e-mail address.  Please submit this e-mailed invoice to your financial department for payment.   Thank you.




Chapter Affiliation

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