2021 FBLA Virtual Regional Competitions


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Virtual Regional Competitions 

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Click "Registration" to the left to begin conference registration for your chapter. Below are the login credentials necessary for your chapter.

UsernameFBLA Chapter Number

Password: tn + your school's 5-digit zip code (i.e. tn37243)

NOTE: National FBLA no longer uses chapter numbers in the new membership database. However, to view your former chapter number, login (here) and visit your Account > Organization Info tab. Your former chapter number is in the FBLA Organization ID field.

Please be mindful of your spelling and capitalization. Whatever you type as a person’s name will be exactly how it’s printed on his/her name badge, the general session monitors and screens, score reports, scoresheets, and all other conference materials. (For example, “Steven Mitchell” is acceptable. “STEVEN MITCHELL” and “steven mitchell” are not acceptable, so please do not use all caps or all lowercase letters for any names entered.)

Online testing for all regional events will be January 5-7, 2021. Chapters are encouraged to schedule tests early in the week to allow for make-up days for weather, illness, etc. 

Did You Know? You should click "Finished Registering" every time you are ready exit the registration system. Each time you click "Finished Registering" your registration is saved and submitted. Each time you click this button, you will receive an updated invoice in your inbox.

Need help? Click "HELP" to the left and open the "Online Registration System - Getting Started" document.

REMINDER: Make sure you click "Finished Registering" after each visit to this site to submit your chapter's information.

Questions? Email Steven at Steven.Mitchell@tn.gov.

If you have problems with registering, e-mail Steven at Steven.Mitchell@tn.gov.

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