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Regional Leadership Conference Registration

Welcome to the Wisconsin FBLA Regional Leadership Conference registration system.  This registration process should be used to report all Regional Leadership Conference participants.

This page may be viewed again by selecting the Home hyperlink at the top of this screen.  A copy of this page is also archived on the Wisconsin Regional Leadership Conference website online at http://dpi.wi.gov/fbla/conferences/rlc.


All chapters must complete all steps of the registration process (register participants, advisers and guests; register test proctor; print invoice and pay RLC host).

  1. You may make any changes to your registration until December 13, 2019, at 4:00 PM using this registration system.  All Regional Leadership Conference locations have a set registration fee of $20 per person registered. This includes each adviser, student, and chaperone (excludes bus drivers).
    • Registration fees are to be paid by check, payable to your regional host's FBLA Chapter. A printed copy of the invoice and check must be received by your regional vice president's school no later than January 17, 2020.
    • After payment is received, your conference host will send an email confirmation of receipt.  Please contact your Regional Leadership Conference host school (http://dpi.wi.gov/fbla/contact-us) if you need any clarification on the form(s) of payment that may be accepted.
  2. Materials required for submission to the State Office no later than 4:00 PM on December 13, 2019:
    • RLC online registration (no additions or refunds can be made after this date)
    • Test Administrator registration for skill and online events listed below.  Please verify with your network administrator that all mass communication emails from david.thomas@dpi.wi.gov or wi-fbla@registermychapter.com will not be blocked or placed in a spam filter.  An email to test administrators will be sent on January 3, 2020 with all school-based test information and materials.
      • The intent is to remove the adviser from the dual role of supporting the members and administering the testing. The division of duties is an internal control that resolves numerous potential issues that an adviser could face at the regional and state level of participation.
      • Testing administrators CANNOT be the FBLA Adviser or any other Business & Information Technology educator. The designated testing administrator can be a superintendent, principal, asst./assoc. principal, pupil services, school counselor, library specialist, a faculty staff person in another academic department, or similar person within your district.
  3. Noteworthy item for December 20, 2019:
    • The last opportunity for participant substitutions is by 4 PM. You may make substitutions by submitting the Substitution Request Online Form available at http://dpi.wi.gov/fbla/conferences/rlc.
  4. Materials that must be received at regional vice president's school no later than January 17, 2020:
    • Entry materials for Business Financial Plan (PDF Report), Business Plan (PDF Report), Digital Video Production (Statement of Assurance-URL), Future Business Leader (PDF Materials), and Job Interview (PDF Materials) events.  All Statement of Assurance Forms must be submitted using the Online Form available at http://dpi.wi.gov/fbla/conferences/rlc. No updates or changes to the digital video content is permitted after 4 PM on January 17, 2020.
    • Local chapter advisers with participants in PDF related events will receive instructions by email after the December 20, 2019 substitution deadline regarding how to complete the online submission of a PDF file to your regional host.
    • A printed copy of the invoice and check should be received at your regional vice president's school.
    • Completed skill event tests that were taken at local schools must be submitted online.  Local chapter advisers with participants in skill event tests will receive instructions by email after the December 20, 2019 substitution deadline regarding how to complete the online submission of a PDF file to your regional host.  Instructions will also be sent by email to the test administrator with test materials. New in 2020: skill events will not have an objective test regional component--regional scoring placements will only be based upon the production materials completed prior to the conference.
    • Pre-conference Online testing events close at 5:00 PM (must be started by 4 PM on January 17, 2020.  Be sure to plan ahead for any weather-related school cancellations.
    • RLC Adviser Procedures & Responsibilities are posted online at http://dpi.wi.gov/fbla/conferences/rlc (also available on printed page 4 & 5 of the Wisconsin Adviser Handbook).

Skill events include: Computer Applications, Database Design and Applications, Spreadsheet Applications, Word Processing

Pre-conference Online events include: Agribusiness, CyberSecurity, Future Business Leader, Hospitality Management, Introduction to Business Procedures, Introduction to FBLA, Journalism, Marketing, Network Concepts, Organizational Leadership, Personal Finance, Political Science, Securities & Investments, and Sports & Entertainment Management

If you have questions regarding your registration, e-mail fbla@dpi.wi.gov or call 608-267-9259. 

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