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Welcome to the Oklahoma FCCLA State Convention registration site.

Convention Date: April 1, 2021
Packet Pick up: 8 am

August 1 – January 31

  • Early bird registration
  • Ticket - $15 each

February 1

  • Ticket - $25 each
  • All additional ticket requests - $25 each

March 14

  • Ticket  - $25 each
  • $50 processing fee added
  • No refund or reduction in tickets

March 27

  • Registration closes – after midnight
  • Limited number of tickets available onsite for guest purchase


May 15

  • $50 processing fee added to unpaid invoices.



     FCCLA photographers and videographer will be taking photos and video throughout the conference for use in any manner FCCLA deems appropriate including, but not limited to FCCLA publications, use on the FCCLA website, and in connection with Competitive Events. No name will appear with photos or in videos. By attending this activity, you grant FCCLA the right, without approval, to photograph, record, use, and edit your photograph, video, image, likeness, appearance, performance, and any other indicia of identity, in any format whatsoever, and to publish, disseminate, exhibit, publicly display, give, sell, and /or transfer the same in any and all forms of media or distribution now known or hereafter discovered or developed (including, but not limited to, print media, internet, webcasting, video streaming, television, or radio), for the use of FCCLA, its affiliates, or individual, organization, business, publication, network or other third party, in perpetuity, without payment or any consideration.


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If you have any questions, please contact me at Gail.Taylor@careertech.ok.gov


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