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2023 Region 1 STAR Events Registration

Region STAR Events Info


To register for Region STAR Events, please click on Registration on the left hand side.

User Name:  Your Chapter ID Number 

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Region 1 Adviser - Beth Pilkington

Ridgeland High School

2478 Happy Valley Rd

Rossville, GA 30741

Email:  bethpilkington@walkerschools.org


Category Reminder:

Event categories are defined as:

  • Level 1 – Grades 5-8
  • Level 2 – Grades 9-10
  • Level 3 – Grades 11-12

Special notes:

  • Mixed teams are allowed – participants should be placed in the level of the oldest team member (Ex: If a 9th grade member is working with an 11th grade member, they should be placed in Level 3)
  • Some events have additional eligibility requirements based around courses of study/classes taken.  Eligibility requirements can be found on each event’s guidelines.


Do not submit your registration until you are completely finished and have checked for errors.

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If you have questions about registration, e-mail the State Office at gafccla@gmail.com or your region adviser.

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