Ohio FCCLA Region 1

Culinary Career Development Events


Region 1 Culinary Career Development Event Competition
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Registration Opens: November 15
Registration Closes: December 15

Dates and Locations:

Registration cannot take place unless affiliation has been paid.

Fees: One-time fee for the year

  • Career Development Events $65.00
  • Culinary Team $105.00

Event Registration includes:

  • Applied Math for Culinary Management
  • Culinary Team
  • Garde Manger
  • Creative Cake
  • Pastry Tray
  • Product Development

Ohio FCCLA Endowment Donation

A check in the box makes a contribution to Ohio FCCLA Endowment. All investment returns support Ohio FCCLA Leadership Training, Competitive Events, Scholarships, and State Leadership Conference. 

Growing the Endowment. Grow FCCLA.

Annual Teacher Acknowledgement Form must accept before you can move forward in registration

Late Fee: Board Adopted February 2016

Chapters who miss the deadline must call the state office to request a late submission within 24 hours of the closing of registration. A $50.00-dollar late fee, in addition to the event fees, will be charged upon approval by the State FCCLA Adviser(s). The late fee will increase by $50.00 each week thereafter till January 1.

Once you click Finished Registering, an invoice will be sent to your email. All invoices are final once submitted.

There is no refunds.

Payment Deadline: January 15 

Payment Information: Make checks payable to Ohio FCCLA or select PayPal 

Mail to:
Ohio FCCLA, Attn: Region 1 Culinary CDE Registration
25 South Front Street, MS 611
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183


If you have questions about registration, e-mail oh-fccla@registermychapter.com