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Career Development Events


Region 1 Career Development Events
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Affiliation must be paid before you can register your students.

Registration Opens: November 15
Registration Closes: December 15
Payment Deadline: January 15 - All invoices are final once submitted.
Late Registration: Must contact Cheryl Hamblin by January 15th at Cheryl.hamblin@education.ohio.gov


  • $90 per event
  • $125 Baking and Pastry per entry
  • $125 Culinary Arts per entry
  • Opportunity to support Ohio FCCLA Endowment

Late Fee Policy: Chapters who miss the deadline must contact the state office to request a late submission within 24 hours of the closing of registration. A $50.00-dollar late fee, in addition to the event fees, will be charged upon approval by the FCCLA State Staff. 

Payment Information: Select PayPal or if issuing a check include a copy of your invoice payable to Ohio FCCLA

Mail to: 

Attn: Regional Career Development Events, Region 1
25 S. Front Street, Mail Stop # 611
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Must be read and sign:

  • Annual Teacher Acknowledgement Form
  • Event Release and Liability Consent Form (Must be signed by each participant and kept with the adviser).

Subject Matter Experts

Chapter Advisers are subject matter experts in Family and Consumer Sciences and FCCLA. As subject matter experts, they provide essential information about FCCLA, Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum, and career and technical education to both members and other adult volunteers. Without Chapter Advisers serving as event volunteers (Lead and Assist Lead Consultants, Room Consultants, Evaluators), evaluation teams may lack critical context and subject matter information that could negatively impact final scoring.

Ohio FCCLA State Staff members are key in identifying qualified evaluators, room consultants, and event volunteers. Because Career Development Events operate on a limited budget, unpaid volunteers are essential. Chapters are responsible for providing one evaluator and/or room consultant for every three event participants. Adults play an essential role in the success of the events. Throughout the events, cooperation and respect between youth and adults is encouraged and fostered by allowing individuals to work in adult teams.

The Office of Career-Technical Education and State FCCLA Office have the expectation that advisers will help facilitate these competitions in the role of Subject Matter Experts at the regional, state, and national levels. In addition, the expectation is that all advisers will demonstrate professionalism while working with other advisers, volunteers, and state staff during the evaluation of members' projects to provide a positive competitive event atmosphere.

Awards Recognition Session – Each regional site will provide a location for an awards session. Once the tally room has validated all scores in each event for each level, the awards session will begin. All scores are considered final for recognition and no scores will be changed once the scores are validated by event officials and entered into the scoring database.

Participants will receive recognition at the following levels. These levels are determined by score, with the application of standard deviation.

  • Gold Medal (90 -100)
  • Silver Medal (70 – 89.99)
  • Bronze Medal (1 – 69.99)

Each entry is evaluated by a standard set of criteria. There is no limit to the number of medals or certificates given for each level at any level. Career Development Events participants must attend their Regional Recognition Session to receive their medal or certificate. Career Development Event virtual rubrics will be in the Ohio FCCLA Regional Registration Portal by the end of business on the following Monday after your competition date.

Helpful Information


If you have questions about registration, e-mail oh-fccla@registermychapter.com