Ohio FCCLA Region 4

Career Development Events


Region 4 Regional Career Development Events
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Registration: November 15 – December 15

Dates and Locations:

Fees: One-time fee for the year

  • Career Development Events $65.00
  • Outstanding Chapter and State Degree $0.00

Events include:

  • Career Preparation Events
  • Professional Skills Events
  • Event Planning
  • Outstanding Chapter
  • State Degree

Career Development Handbook has been updated see the website


  • Affiliated members
  • You may substitute names in the registration system

Annual Teacher Acknowledgement Form must accept before you can move forward in registration

Late Fee: Board Adopted February 2016

Chapters who miss the deadline must call the state office to request a late submission within 24 hours of the closing of registration. A $50.00-dollar late fee, in addition to the event fees, will be charged upon approval by the State FCCLA Adviser(s). The late fee will increase by $50.00 each week thereafter till January 1.


  • All invoices once submitted are final
  • No refunds will be issued for canceled events
  • Payments are due by January 15

Payments: PayPal or Check

Send invoice with check (checks made payable to Ohio FCCLA) to:

Attn: Regional CDE Registration - Region 4
25 South Front Street, MS 611
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183

If you have questions about registration, e-mail oh-fccla@registermychapter.com