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Welcome to the Missouri FCCLA Online Affiliation System.

If you are affiliating an existing chapter, you will use your existing national Chapter ID number as your username.  Your password is mofccla.

If you enter your Chapter ID number and are not allowed access, please contact the state office.

If you are starting a brand new chapter, please click the "New Chapter Request" button to request a new chapter.  Your new chapter ID number will be sent to you via e-mail within 3 to 7 days.

National, state and regional dues must be paid for each member and primary advisor. There are no substitutions of names.

National Dues: $9.00            
State Dues: $2.00

Regional Dues (see chart below):

Region 01 - $2.00

Region 02 - $2.00

Region 03 - $2.00

Region 04 - $2.00

Region 05 - $1.00

Region 06 - $1.00

Region 07 - $2.00

Region 08 - $2.00

Region 09 - $2.00

Region 10 - $2.00

Region 11 - $2.00

Region 12 - $1.00

Region 13 - $3.00

Region 14 - $2.00


Dues for secondary advisors are not required. Please be aware that if you affiliate your secondary advisor(s), the system will charge the same rate as primary advisors for regional, state and national dues.

Minimum Number:   12 members 

You may affiliate fewer than 12 student members; however, you will be charged the $108.00 ($9 X 12 members) for national dues the first time you affiliate. Then you may go back in to the system to affiliate additional students at any time throughout the school year.

Middle School Chapters:
If you are a chapter with 50 or fewer members in grades 6-8, then you should choose "Individual" (default) as your Affiliation Type.

If you have 51 or more members in grades 6-8, then you have the option to choose "Middle School" as your Affiliation Type. You will be charged $450 for national dues and $100 for state dues in the middle-level chapter program regardless of your total number of members. If you choose this option, please contact the state advisor to have your invoice adjusted with a flat rate for regional dues.

Chapter Information:
Co-curricular -
 A program that integrates FCCLA chapter activities into the Family Consumer Sciences classroom program of study. 
School Location - Indicate the population that best describes the location of your school: Urban (over 100,000), Suburban (75,000 to 100,000), Small Town (15,000 to 75,000) or Rural (under 15,000).
Demographics National FCCLA now requires race/nationality data for each member.
Comprehensive/Occupational Membership - Comprehensive members emphasize a variety of Family Consumer Sciences education programs of study or as determined by the state department. Occupational members are enrolled in educational programs that prepare them for paid employment in a specific Family Consumer Sciences related career.

The chapter affiliation date is the date the payment is received at the state office. 


After entering names, click "Back to Main," then click "Submit New Invoice" to print your invoice.


Payment (check or money order) must be mailed to the state office. Purchase orders or credit cards are not accepted.

Affiliation Deadlines:

NEW EXTENDED DEADLINE: Friday, December 20, 2013 (postmark deadline) - Affiliation payment must be postmarked by December 20 to the state office for eligibility in regional, state and national STAR Events and officer candidates

February 1, 2014 - Affiliation payment due for Power of One participants to ensure their chapter's affiliation is forwarded to the national office before March 1 

March 1, 2014 - Affiliation payment due (postmark deadline) for eligibility to attend State Leadership Conference

May 15, 2014 - Last day dues accepted for 2013-2014 school year through the state office

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If you have questions about affiliation, please contact the state office at mofccla@dese.mo.gov.
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