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2018 National Leadership Conference - Arizona delegation

Welcome to the Arizona delegation registration page for the 2018 FBLA National Leadership Conference!

Congratulations on a great performance at the 2018 FBLA Arizona State Leadership Conference! This year’s FBLA National Leadership Conference (NLC) will be held in Baltimore, Maryland on June 26 – July 2 (including travel dates). While we don’t board the plane for another two months, the planning starts now.

To prepare for success in your event at this year’s NLC, here are a few tips: 

  • Review your SLC scored and feedback from judges
  • Check the national event guidelines
  • Look for any differences in how the event is conducted at the national level in comparison with how we do it here in Arizona 
  • Find out the format for submitting your events (if pre-submission) - due to FBLA Arizona on May 4, 2018
  • Find your event on the NLC schedule by clicking here.

While we are at the NLC you will get to experience the great city of Baltimore, MD. Refer to the updated electronic copy you received on 4/9.  In addition to the base package there are five (5) optional packages for meals and activities.  As a chapter start discussing and selecting which packages you want to select. 

Registration is due on May 1, 2018 to for all individuals attending the 2018 NLC. Students and chapters wanting to arrange their own trip apart from the FBLA Arizona package should contact Julie.Ellis@azed.org by May 1, 2018 to pursue this option.

Baltimore, here we come!

If you have questions about registration, e-mail  julie.ellis@azed.gov

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